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Great game, with a really good control feeling !

This is great! :D

what coding format?


This is better than most games released on Steam now.

This is perfection. Stunning graphics, intelligent puzzles, perfect level of difficulty. Looking forward to checking out your other work.


oh god the last puzzle

that was fun :)

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It feels like a modern Rick Dangerous, I like it!

Hi, good game.

Is the PICO-8 source code commented? Non-minified?

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Puzzles aren't much my cup of tea, but lighting is. :) And I have to say I'm impressed by the game (and with what went into the lighting -- I read the articles, and I'll read them again because I like stealthy shadowy games ).

But what's drawing my attention the most right now is your character. I've been struggling with animations (and pixel art) a lot and have been trying to figure out ways around that. If only I could with very subtle animations make characters that don't look static... Maybe you did it for different reasons, but you managed to make a very simplistic animation for your character and yet it works just perfectly. And it's a really cute character too. 

I wonder if that would be something you could write about in your blogs as well?

As for the lighting, I find it a bit heavy (well my windows is slow as hell too), but I also find the flickering a bit too abrupt. I wonder if slowing down the flickering wouldn't also reduce the performance issues? (I'm not asking you to change your game, I'm just wondering that.)


I just bought and I must say you've inspired me to code my own games, thank you!

wow. just wow. this is by far the most impressive and most fun pico8 game ive ever seen! :D congratulations! awesome game! i have one tiny complaint though: it is basically impossible to jump diagonally down/right or down/left. that feels a bit strange, especially in the room with the three platforms you push forward/backwards to make your way to the item and the text-thingy.

overall the game is absoloutely stunning. already played hours! well done, keep it up! :D

it's seriously incredible to do that on a pico8. Did you reach the limits of data /tokens ?


Repeatedly :) Every time it was harder and harder to whittle down the token count, but it somehow fits in the end (with a few compressed bytes to spare).


I had to buy it just to look at the source.  Very very impressive.

I love the artwork and lighting. The collisions kinda suck though.

This was great. Thanks for stealing those hours from me :P

I think I've got a bug report for you though: It's possible to complete the left-hand side without getting the item in that section. Which confused me pretty thoroughly when trying to get through the room with the three switches. The issue is that it's possible 1) to push things by using inside corners to get an angle on them and 2) to stand on the edges of tiles that are occupied by pushable objects. I used 2 to get through the item-gating room (by getting on the bottom edge of the floating platform and pushing the block up) and I used both to get through the puzzle just afterwards (the last boulder-push required jumping over the gap and *into* the boulder making sure to push it before I could fall)

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Thanks, glad you had fun!

About the bug/exploit you found: one other person already stumbled upon it, and it also confused them pretty thoroughly. I wish I had a clean way to fix it, but it's kind of hard to do it without risking breaking something else. I'll think of something though and fix this tomorrow - thanks for the report! (fixed)

I really like the game, the art work especially,  great work!

I'm very impressed by your game! It feels so natural and nicely. I've stuck on a few levels for a lot, but that was REALLY fun. 

Only big problem I found, that player some times stucks in movable rocks.  

Also, it was hard to get used to jumping.

Overall, great game! Thank you so much!


But that's good! Since you retry from point of entry it doesn't ruin the game any :D

How the hell does that lighting work???


This has some details :)


What impresses me most is the un-picolike feel and the big amount of content. Often, a PICO-8 game is just one (very good) idea blasted on screen and that's it but this game doses new content sparingly. 

The lightsourcing makes the tomb feel quite claustophobic, it's a very cool way to make the puzzles and the rooms feel more urgent. It feels like it serves the game more than just makes it look good.

That said, I think the only trouble I have is with jumping over holes (and I guess a lot of that comes from the tiny resolution of the PICO-8) but the relaxed retry politics pretty much eliminates this problem. If you drop you just try the same screen again.

5/5, would loot again.


congrats dude, this game is great :)


One of the best pico8 game developer, congratulations for the release!


This is by far the greatest PICO-8 game I've seen. Very, very nice work. Incredibly inspiring what you've been able to cram into a single cart.


Almost forgot to mention... love the journal! :D What a great addition to the game.

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Congrats on the most polished PICO-8 game to date!  
* clicks [Purchase] *   #WellDeserved  :D

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