This game is a demake of and an homage to Hollow Knight, a game by Team Cherry.  Made for the 2018 Demake Jam.

Explore an insect underworld, find the six charms and beat all the bosses.


Arrow keys for movement, for jump, to attack. 
Striking enemies earns soul, which you can spend to heal - hold down to do so.
Benches serve as checkpoints - to sit down, press up when near a bench. You'll heal all your wounds, but enemies will respawn as well.


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why is it so hard? Just seems like wasted potential. I mean, the art and style and the original idea is the best!!!!! But, It's too hard and there are too many level hazards. But other and that, It's great!

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wow this is amazing

the game is also harder than the original

i really really love this game and i would just love to see some huge boss it would be the coolest thing. this is by far my favourite game on and favourite pico 8 game a boss would just be amazing.

i would love to see more added on to this game as i can only see the original and not play it because i have a chrome book please please add more on to this game i, love it

i have beat the origanel game and its my number 1 game of all time, its nice to see a 8 bit type game of it that isnt bad and is fun to play. great work on this

also this an amazing game well done

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how do I do that huge jump?

Just beat it. Fantastic! Well done!

This is so beautiful! (and so hard!) 

Are there no sound effects? I can hear the initial pico8 chime, but nothing after that...

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Do we really need another dark souls? jk but I found it really hard, and there's no save so I can't get back to playing my old save

This is really great job! Do you plan to make the source code available or perhaps i can buy it? Would help me alot to see how you make some certain functions work :)

I definitely want to release the source code for the project! I'd like to properly finish it first, for a post-compo version with sound and a slightly larger and better designed world. Going through some crazy life changes right now, though, so I'm not sure I'll have the time to do it all soon.

Wow! just great

Incredible! Huge fan of Hollow Knight and I absolutely love this aesthetic. I have just started trying to learn pico-8 and this is huge inspiration

Dude, amazing game!

Aww, I love hollow knight!


very nice artwork and aesthetic, but really frustrating game. 

Sad to hear that. The balance might be a bit off, since this was done in a week with minimal playtesting - but I can still learn something from that if you tell me what frustrated you in particular.

Amazing graphics cool story my favorite pico-8 game yet

Excellent game!! And a platform game also!!!!
Well done!!!!!


I finished it , it was so good , just a little complain : once we killed the final boss we can't go back to get all the charms

Whoops, that's a bug - going to fix it this evening, it's just a missing screen exit in the level map. Well, at least it doesn't take long to replay ;)

simply amazing! well done!!

Wow this game is so beautiful , I never played to the original Hollow Knight but this demake really get me into it


Crazy you got all of this in a pico8 cart! Good stuff.


This is the guy who made Dank Tomb, so I'm not surprised!

This is pretty good! Nice aesthetic and pixel work!