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what did you use to make this game?

It's a PICO-8 game:


i still play this every now and then on my phone. the U-shaped pans are my nemesis.


Yup, they are way harder than the other ones! I'm not sure if I'd still include them if I made the game today :)


This game is one of my favorite puzzle games.


Bruh, I Love this Game. It's really addictive. Mai-chan's Sweet buns and High Stakes too are equal as great as this one! Keep it up! :DJojo Gif's | Jojo anime, Jojo bizzare adventure, Jojo memes


Dude you need to make a sequel!


Glad you liked the game! Actually working on a sequel to Slipways (another PICO-8 game of mine), so PoC will have to wait its turn :)

Wow! Two sequels! :D What will you add to them? How much will you be able to add since Pico-8 only has 256,000 bits to work with?

Sleepways is cool. It would work great on a screen bigger than PICO8.

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I love this game, I came back to this after a few months to play it when it popped into my mind! This game is so addicting!

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Best score is 270, best cake is 127. Great game!

Man, I've been loving this game! This game would be perfect on mobile if it isn't already.

Best cake so far is 885, best score is 1804, but both of these happened on different games.

This version of the game should work well on mobile - you just have to open its itch site in a browser :)

Could you make it an apk file so you can just download it for android at least? I hope I am not asking for too much :

That's not possible with PICO-8 (the software used to make this game), sorry - this is the best I can do at the moment.

Not a problem! Thanks for your replies.

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Best cake: 1340 :P

Ah, so close to 1337! Congrats, I think this beats my best of around 700 ;)


This is,, exactly the kind of puzzle I love!

And with super cute art and a fun theme? A+++

I've had it bookmarked on my work computer for when I have time to play a few rounds, thank you so much for making it!

My pleasure - have fun! Should be a good solitaire replacement for those boring lulls :)

I always come back to play this game! So satisfying.

Instead of actually playing the game I just build combos. That should give you an idea on how fun this game is.


This is a fantastic little game :-) I wish we had a limited number of "undos" to help when the I fatfinger something :-P


Just recently got to this, and I think it's excellent. The learning curve is really beautifully executed.


love it. i keep coming back to play it.


Actually, that's pie. Not cake. I don't know where they call pie cake but that is clearly pie you're making in the game and not cake. 

Outside of that, I have no complaints. I don't even like puzzle games most of the time but this one is alright and honestly reminds me of Mai-chan's Sweet Buns in terms of both gameplay and the theme being baked goods.


Yeah, the picture is of a pie, you caught me.  In my defense, there is only one word for cakes and pies in my native language, so the difference was always a little bit confusing. Glad you liked the game itself, though!


That's fine. I'm just a bit of a stickler when it comes to these things. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder compounded through co-morbidity with Autism tends to leave me a bit more detail-oriented than some would like, myself included. I still enjoyed the game though. Keep up the good work.


I like calling pie cake.

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Oh man, this is really fun and I feel like I'm just starting to get the hang of it. Best game score 354, best cake score 111, that'll do for now. :)

Edit: Okay, now best game/cake is 675/362 and I feel a bit more pleased with myself.


I'll have to invent a new cake adjective just to accomodate that score! :)


Don't feel in a hurry, none of my other attempts even got close  -- I think I got pretty lucky with my ingredients that round!

480 for best single cake, crazy luck with getting the right ingredients. It was on one of the first few levels, the total score for the round was low 500. Best single round was low 700, cakes averaging over a hundred. The last round of that 700 something was terrible, the ingredients that came up were the worst!



Amazing stuff.... then in pico8 too.