Pieces of Cake now playable on mobile (and with a mouse)!

Pieces of Cake was originally released for day 10 of the 2018 PICO-8 Advent Calendar. 

I was quite happy with how the game turned out, but had one big regret - the original version only supportes keyboard controls, since this is what PICO-8 can do out of the box. 

Given the nature of the game, it seemed like it would be perfect to have mobile and mouse support as well, but I didn't have enough time to do that for the original release. This has now changed, thanks to Cool Math Games. They licensed the game from me for distribution on their site,  and they were also happy to fund a little bit more development time for the game. 

Thanks to them, you can now enjoy the game on whichever device is the most convenient - no excuses for not playing it now! :)

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Is the mobile support in the Pico-8 file, or in the HTML? Because I’d love to do mobile support.

Sorry for the Pico-noob question!

Fantastic game!

From the cartridge side, it's identical to just doing mouse support (a special poke() to turn the mouse on, then stat() calls to get mouse coordinates). The only thing done on the Javascript side is letting the cart know it's a phone/tablet (via pico8_gpio) so it can hide the mouse cursor.

Ohhhh ah k, thanks!

I saw your twitter conversation -- hope Zep puts this check and the sound thing in!