Dank Tomb 1.1 released, now with more jump

Based on feedback here, on Twitter and on Reddit, I decided to revisit the jumping and see if I can do anything to make it more forgiving.

The problem was that I couldn't simply increase airtime or jump length, since that would break the puzzles by letting you clear gaps that you weren't intended to. But I had a flash of insight, and  managed to find a magic way to solve this. The game now gives you a little bit extra lift only when you need it - you can now start your jump further from the edge and still make it to the other side.

I also swapped an item that caused a tiny bit of confusion - it should hopefully be clearer now that it can't be inserted in the jewel receptacles.

If you liked the puzzles, but didn't like all the precision jumps required - give the new release a spin! :)

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