Slipways - aid for Ukraine

For the next seven days (February 25 to March 3), 100% of Beetlewing's profit from sales of Slipways will be decidated to supporting the Ukrainian people. At the end of next week, this money will be donated to the Polish Red Cross #naPomocUkrainie fund ("help Ukraine fund"). The Polish Red Cross will use this money to secure food, medical supplies and other necessities for the victims of the war in Ukraine, in coordination with the Ukrainian Red Cross. 

Slipways paints a world free of war and military conflict, and I sincerely hope that one day our descendants can live in such a world. We're unfortunately not there yet, so all we can do is try to alleviate some of the horror of war and help those affected by it. This is the intent behind my decision.


Jakub Wasilewski

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Just bough Slipways Classic which has been on my wishlist for a while. Stand with Ukraine! 🇺🇦


Do sales on other platforms (like GoG) count? Please tell me they do <3


Yes, they do!

GOG is actually taking an active part in the initiative and they're also donating their cut.