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Slipways started out right here on itch.io as a PICO-8 game! If you're looking for that, it's now called Slipways Classic.

Note: Itch.io purchases now come with Steam keys, if you'd like to redeem one.

Slipways takes the space grand strategy genre and condenses the best parts of it down by throwing away all the micromanagement and the steep learning curve. The result is a unique blend of the strategy and puzzle genres in which you can finish a run quickly, but still have a deep experience full of tough decisions.


Colonize planets, carefully pick industries and hook everything up so that your planets support each other. Line everything up just right and watch your colonies evolve and grow, giving you even more options for profitable trade. Make long-term plans and bask in your own glory when that one last connection makes six planets upgrade at the same time and gives you the income you desperately need.

There is no military aspect to pull your focus away from the economy. The game is more relaxed than your typical grand strategy. It's all about exploring space and its endless opportunities, shaping it to your whim and developing it to its full potential. No need for war with so much empty universe to claim.


Forget about tedious micromanagement and waiting for ships to be built. In Slipways, every action you take has immediate consequences, and every choice you make is of paramount importance. Your planets govern themselves while you focus on making the right decisions to get them what they need. You'll waste none of your precious time on busywork. A single run takes 40-60 minutes and they are all filled with the good stuff.


There are no boring technologies here. Instead of making a single building 20% more efficient, technologies in Slipways let you move planets at will, harness stars for energy or colonize planets with sentient machines instead of people. The selection varies each run, so you'll have to plan carefully and adapt to the situation at hand. The path you choose will profoundly change your experience and the way you look at the game's planets and resources.


The standard gameplay mode gives you 25 years to build the best empire you can, but there are others. The endless mode lets you play for as long as you can hold on to power, the sandbox mode allows you to experiment freely, while the ranked run is a chance to measure your skills against others around the world on pre-seeded maps.

The game also features a campaign mode, with each scenario introducing a new twist and refreshing the gameplay. On launch day, there will only be a few scenarios to explore, but their number will increase over time as free updates are released. The new mechanics introduced in the campaign will also feature in other modes, becoming new options for even more varied runs.


Buy Now$16.99 USD or more

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Version 22
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Version 22

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bleeeees 32 bit


This is just a fantastic game. You really need to check it out - particularly if you enjoy resource management / logistical supply games like Railroad Tycoon.


I like buying things here rather than Steam, because more goes to the developer, but I'm on Linux. Does anyone know if this works with Wine?

The Steam version works well with Proton, which I think is just Wine + their patches? The only issue consistently reported there is that you can't see the tutorial videos (video parts of Windows are not well emulated, it seems). I don't think I heard from anybody trying on straight-up Wine and I'm not sure how that compares to Proton.

Note: We don't officially support Linux, so I might not be able to help if there are issues.

Oh, good to know about Proton, thanks. Had no idea it was related. I'd test on Wine myself, but I'm poor enough I need to be sure it's gonna' work before I buy a game. I just know how good itch is for devs.


FWIW - we now give out a Steam key with every itch.io purchase, and the video issue is fixed under Proton, so the game should be fully playable under Linux.

Well that helps!

I'll still test on Wine first out of curiosity, tho. :3

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Bought it, playing it, it's dope as hell. Fantastic work!


Congrats on the release!


Very excited to pick this up! The beta and steam games festival demo were both fantastic.


Thanks! Still working around the clock to make the game even better for release!


so cool


Where is the download link (no need to reply)


Awesome!  Get hyped!!