Slipways PC - release date, trailer, Steam page!

It's been a while since I posted any updates here, but there is quite a few announcements about the PC version of Slipways to share right now.

I'll get right to it:

We have a release date - the PC version of Slipways is coming out in the second quarter of 2021!

We have a Steam page where you can learn more and wishlist the game (please!):

We have a trailer so that you can see how the game has progressed since you last played it:

The game will of course also be available here on - but even if you're planning on buying it here, wishlisting it on Steam will still help me a lot!

Thanks for reading - have a great day and see you around the galaxy!

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Just came across this neat game today, glad to hear there will be the PC version on as well and not just steam. Will there be a Linux release of the PC version at some point once that is published?


I know people have been playing the Steam demo under Linux via their Proton compatibility layer without any issues, so that's a good way to play if you're on Linux - but I understand if you dislike Steam.
A dedicated Linux port is unfortunately not something I can afford to do at release, but might be something to consider later down the road.

Thanks for the reply! Sure thing, Steam doesn’t work on my distro due to a library incompability, but that is good to know that there exists some compability under Proton. Hope there is a Linux port some day, either way it looks like a fun game and I am looking forward to the full release!

I only just read on rockpapershotgun that there was a demo of the new version on Steam. What a shame since I totally missed it. :(

Sorry! I really tried shouting from all the rooftops about the SGF, but it seems I wasn't loud enough yet :)
If you follow the game either on Twitter, Discord or Steam, you won't miss the next thing (which is now sign-up for the closed beta!).

Thanks, I just signed up! Yeah, I didn't realise because I don't use Twitter or Discord so looking forward to the beta.


I am interested, could the Slipways PC version be a tier for this one, so I'd be able to purchase them both at once ?

Of course with a different price, and the new PC version available when it is ready for release ?



I honestly didn't think about doing that until you mentioned it. It might be possible, but I'd definitely have to check with (I'd have a tier that is basically a pre-order and doesn't give any rewards now). I'll think about it some more, but realistically, I won't be doing anything about until the Steam Game Festival ends.

The safest best right now is to simply wishlist the game on Steam to be reminded of it at release. Once it releases, it will be available both there and on, so you can buy on either site.

Either way, thanks for being so invested that you're willing to part with your money now for a game you'll only get later! :)

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Hi thank you for the answer.

It was already wishlisted on Steam, but I love the DRM-free option better.

Best of luck, it's  a very promising  project.

Later edit : Too many words. But very promising indeed.

BTW, is it possible to release it on GoG? If so I’ll wishlist it there and buy as soon as its released!

(and of course I’ll still buy it on Itch!)


Possibly, but it's not a given - I'll know for certain closer to release.

Cool, let us know how we can help make it happen!

Added to my wishlist.  I really really really hope there will be a linux release.


I'd love to have a native build, but it's really hard to justify the extra development time, and I'm a solo developer - which means trying to keep multiple OS builds working is very hard and a huge drain on my time (learned that the hard way with the Mac build that's already falling behind the Windows one).

But, I hear only good things about Proton these days, which would let you play the Windows version under Linux with little trouble, probably. That's probably the safest bet for getting Slipways on Linux. If you buy it and it turns out you can't play it that way, I'll be happy to refund it.

One way users can help is to test development builds of the new game via Proton or Wine. As soon as there is a problem we can report back so that hopefully by the time of release, the new game will work on Wine or Proton out-of-the-box.




Can’t wait!! Great news.

My only feature request is a sandbox mode where the game doesn’t force you to end after a set time/number of turns!

Request granted :) Lots of people wanted an endless mode, so it's in the works.

In fact, I'll be polling players on Discord soon about their expectations from that mode, since it's a little bit outside my usual design sensibilities (I believe strongly in time/resource limits for better, more "meaningful" gameplay).

Great to hear, thanks for the quick response! Whew!! I’d happily pay a little extra if that means getting a sandbox/endless mode. :D Extra bonus if it’s moddable so that other people can add new challenges.

Note: I, and some other people, don’t use Discord. So in case you’d like to cast a wider net for feedback maybe have other venues of communication? Here or in a survey or something…

I'm happy to hear feedback whenever and wherever - you can just post under the Slipways comment section. I'm actually trying to figur out what people's expectations for the endless mode are, so if you want to elaborate on that, I'll listen :)

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Thanks for being so responsive! :)

Actually I’d be super happy with just the original game but with (1) sandbox/endless mode, (2) slightly larger map (maybe 20-30% bigger), and (3) a “Windows 3.1 Minesweeper” kind of option where I can choose a map size and the time/resource limits will scale with it when I’m not playing sandbox mode. This way I can customize my game to be shorter/longer depending on my wishes. And what I love most about the original game is the possibility to study and mod the source code. It is the ultimate in moddability! I would pay A LOT of extra money for this game if I can mod the source code directly.


Amazing! Can't wait to play it! I loved the Pico-8 original!


I can't add it rn but i will!

Also how much will it cost?

15-20USD, specific number to be determined a little later!


Added to my wishlist :)

 Wishing you much success!

Thank you!