SlipWays 1.1 released

This is mostly a game balance update, focused on making organics slightly more useful in the game and on tweaking the technologies (especially the early ones) to unlock a bit more depth.

Full change list:

  • After you supply their basic needs, farms now develop an additional need for organics to fertilize them 
  • "Geneseeds" and "Xenofoods" technologies were overhauled to make them more focused and useful
  • "Drillbots" were made slightly weaker - less productive on gas giants and iceballs
  • Organics production on xeno planets is slightly lower now (but they're more useful!)
  • Several techs had their costs tweaked to better match their strength
  • Slipgates (only the base ones, not infragates) are now much cheaper to build at 10$
  • When colonizing a planet, tooltips now show the names of the resources, so that you know that organics is the green one ;)

With these changes, I think the game should be even richer and more entertaining! Let me know what you think once you try the new version!

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