Working on a balance update

I'm working on a small balance update to the PICO-8 edition of SlipWays.

My focus right now is getting the "organics" resource on par with others in terms of usefulness. As of now, it's mostly useful as science fodder or through food processors, but it's hard to find a useful destination for it otherwise. The solution I'm experimenting with right now is using it as fertilizer for farms. Basically, once you supply the basic bot requirement to a farm planet, it starts needing organics to advance further - kind of like colonies require goods only once their basic needs are met.

I'm also tweaking the costs of technologies and considering a few boosts and nerfs, especially on the first level. The idea is to broaden the field of possible strategies a little bit by making the "option-enabling" techs (like geneseeds and drillbots) roughly equal in power.

The update is going up on Saturday. There is still some time, so if you have any thoughts regarding the balance between the various strategies and technologies, now is the perfect time to voice them!

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I wonder the mechanism of people "breed" to make organics. Maybe people grow organics like trees and sort of?

Yeah, it's about people breeding alien lifeforms for their benefit, so breeding as in "selective breeding".